Randy Jason Foy

Senior Partner

IT Expert, Financial and Insurance Fraud Litigator, Intelectual Property Expert.

Jason Clayton II

Managing Partner

Divorce Attorney, Arbitrator, Tax Litigator, Real Estate and Property Disputes

John Patrick Lewis

Founder / Chairman

Certified Public Accountant, Arbitrator, Tax Litigator, Insurance, Corporate Disputes, Financial Fraud.

Brandon Harris

VP for Finance

Certified Public Accountant, Insurance and Tax Attorney

Liza T. Garrett

Senior Partner

Divorce Attorney, Family Code Expert, Corporate Disputes, Insurance Claims

What we DO?

Business Disputes

Commercial litigation is a general term used to describe business disputes. Our mediators have devoted many years of their careers as attorneys representing businesses involved in commercial litigation. Cases in this area may include those that are pivotal to the survival of a business where efficient dispute resolution is vital. Other cases involve recurring business issues such as breach of contract, disputes involving the buying and selling of goods and collection cases. Whether the claim is large or small, our mediators understand the business perspective and are likely to have had experience handling such claims during their careers as practicing attorneys.

Discrimination Claims

Businesses that interact with the consuming public are periodically involved in consumer disputes that are challenging to resolve. Aggrieved consumers have effective legal remedies to pursue when businesses have made errors, or worse when employees have behaved improperly. While businesses may be tempted to aggressively defend such claims, a litigated result may be costly to achieve and damaging to the business’s reputation and other interests. Claims can also be a distraction to both managers and employees whose time is better spent pursing core business activities. For all of these reasons, mediation should be considered as a fast and efficient way to resolve consumer disputes for the benefit of all concerned.

Wage and Hour Claims

Workers’ Compensation mediations are generally used to resolve longstanding disputes between the parties. Any aspect of a workers’ compensation claim can be mediated, from the selection of a doctor to a resolution of the entire case. Atlanta Mediation Group brings years of experience to help both parties assess their case so that a successful mediation could occur. It is most important that the injured worker has an opportunity to present his case. It may be the first time that he or she has an opportunity to face a representative of his or her company. It is very helpful for both parties to discuss the case with each other so that they can understand the strengths and weaknesses of the case. It is only after this is done that a solution can be found that works for all parties.

Personal Injury

AMG has mediators who have practiced law for many years both defending and prosecuting personal injury claims which gives them a balanced perspective in helping the parties achieve a reasonable settlement. Our mediators, based on their years of experience, have industry credibility with attorneys and insurers alike.

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